The Brand



Brand ‘Sanjhana’ is here to dress the dreamer who feels beautiful inside out.

Our clothes are an ode to the fire in every girl that dreams, believes and achieves.

Our brand epitomizes femininity in its purest form by celebrating every woman, the loving daughter, the rebellious teenager, the beautiful bride, the protective mom, the loving grandma, the raging tomboy, the understanding sister, the admirable wife, the teacher, the CEO, the pilot, the artist, the home maker and many more.

The world is a better place because of you. Our timeless clothing and effortlessly easy
silhouettes are here to honour you. We love you, we respect you and every piece of our work will sing your story. We are here for every radiant soul that wants to light up the world.

Last but not the least…
“Choose to shine. Feel beautiful inside out!